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Feel the atmosphere of the Formula 1® races with the Sochi Autodrom tours. Professional guides will tell you about the history of the Formula 1® races in Russia and will show you the most interesting parts of the motorsport venue.

Your journey will start inside the Main Grandstand, then you will get into the Sochi Autodrom paddock, where the drivers and the teams' personnel are located, the invited guests walk and social life bustles during the competition.

You will learn what a driver's day at the circuit looks like, how many mechanics are required to assemble a car consisting of 8,000 components and why each team has a chef on its staff.

After a walk around the paddock, you will see the race control — the brain centre of any motorsport competition. Dozens of technical screens, the most accurate information about the state of the track and every turn are spread before your eyes. This room can only be accessed during a Sochi Autodrom tour — during the competitions even the drivers and the members of the teams aren't allowed there.

At the end of the tour the guests will have a pit lane walk and get onto the podium, where President Vladimir Putin presented the Russian Grand Prix winners with their trophies in 2014−2018. The podium offers views of Sochi's unrivalled mountain landscape, the starting straight and the Sochi Autodrom Main Grandstand.

Experience price:
₽ 700 for a ticket for 1 person.
₽ 400 for a child ticket (6 to 11).

₽ 400 for a reduced fare ticket (for veterans, students, families with many children, pensioners subject to the visitor/customer having a document confirming their status).

Children under 6, orphans, participants and veterans of the Great Patriotic War, people having Group 1 and 2 disability have the right to free admission to the tour.