All children are little adventure loving dreamers. The world of motorcycles will fully satisfy this children's passion.

Our instructors will teach your child to ride a motorcycle, help them master their vehicle handling and coordination skills. Motorcycle sport contributes to the development of agility and maneuverability, reaction time, ability to concentrate.

During individual trainings, children learn the practical principles of wheeled vehicle operation, learn to feel the speed and control the movement of a motorcycle.

The motordrome helps develop the following skills:
  • reaction times;
  • ability to concentrate;
  • ability to cope with fear;
  • agility, maneuverability, coordination;
  • ability to feel and control speed;
  • practical knowledge of the principals of wheeled vehicle operation.

The motordrome courses are suitable for children over 4. The duration of a class is 1 hour.

To find out more and to sign up for courses call +7 (938) 461-19-19.